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Research & Analysis Services

You receive tailor made research and analysis for your desired topics according to your specific requirements. We are a member of the International Research Center (European Comission AalBorg Denmark) and have access to Harvard Publishing content.


Our Research & Analysis Services includes among others

  • Market analysis
  • Company stakeholders (e.g. Suppliers, Competitors, Customers, Sponsors)
  • Strategic & financial Investors
  • Products & Prices
  • Human Resources
  • Benchmarks



  • Market and customer analysis for the strategic alignment of a fashion label
  • Search for marketing managers with more than 3 years experience in one of the DAX companies
  • Cross check 20.000 customer entries in a data base, e.g. reconstruction of e-mail addresses
  • Analysis of the 20.000 customer data according to socio demographic criterias

Other Ressource Binding Services

Hand us your time consuming but still necessary tasks and win time for essential things. We take all of your non-stationary tasks!



Our resource binding services includes among others

  • Microsoft Office tasks (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Social Media Management
  • Address and contact management
  • File Sharing Management
  • Backend support
  • Secretary Tasks



  • Maintain sales lists for a financial consulting company
  • Organisation and coordination of 500 invites for a wedding
  • Networking of colleagues within a law firm
  • Development and maintenance of an online database for a online retailer